The Monument to Belonging Photography Contest Awards Ceremony was held at our university


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Osmanbaba - The Monument to Belonging Photography Contest Awards Ceremony was held at our university
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The award ceremony of the photography contest held in our university in memory of the Monument of Belonging, named "From Harran School to Harran University", was held with intense participation.

In Osmanbey Campus, the Monument of Belonging, which represents the historical heritage and is the reflection of the Harran School to the present day, as a photography studio, was crowned with a competition organized for students.

125 photographs from our university students were meticulously evaluated by the jury, who are competent in their fields. As a result of the evaluations of the jury, the most successful 7 photographs were awarded. In addition, 11 photographs were entitled to be exhibited digitally.

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sabri Çelik, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Demir, our Secretary General Zübeyir Zorlu, Deans of Faculties, academics and students attended.

The 24 settlements with madrasahs, baths and temples unearthed by the faculty members of our university during the excavations in the old Harran School and the 24 settlements in our university are quite similar to each other. This resemblance was combined with the work done, resulting in a magnificent monument.

Again, in this context, the students who were ranked according to the results of the photography competition organized to document the 'Monument of Belonging', which symbolizes Harran University from the past to the present, with photographs and to contribute to the local, national and international promotion of the work in Osmanbey Campus, received their awards from our Rector Prof. . Dr. Mehmet Sabri Çelik took it from his hands.

Musa Çolak, our student, won the first place, Edanur Deliktaş took the second place, and Mücahit Şeker took the third place in the competition, where 50 artists applied with their 125 photographs. In addition, Muhammed Coşkun, Muhammed Teke and Mehmet Sinan Çoban were honored with honorable mention and Halil Başlı was awarded the Special Jury Award. In addition to the 7 award-winning photographs, the photographs of students named Aysel Akkuş, Beyza Kök, Elif Naz Elmas, Hasret Taşır, Kübra Işıl Arıkan, Mehmet Emin Bozkurt, Müslüm Fingerless, Sevilay Yalçın, Şükriye Alp, Yunus Emre Kılıç and Yusuf Beklen, selected by the competition jury, are also digital. was eligible to be exhibited.

Stating that the aim of being a world university has not been abandoned in the construction of the future with the accumulation of the past, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sabri Celik; “Our university, with its distinguished academic staff, continues to shape the social, cultural and economic transformation of the region in the light of science. Our goal is to fully fulfill the responsibility of the mission that history has given us. We are determined to realize this love that permeates our veins, thanks to our students and lecturers. As a sign that we will try to represent the legacy of the past in the best way with this sense of belonging, we built the Harran University Belonging Monument in our University Osmanbey Campus.

About a month and a half ago, we inaugurated our monument of belonging. Then we decided to organize a photography contest. There was a great participation in our competition to promote our monument. Successful works emerged. Our goal in this competition; to bring a sense of belonging to our university. We also expect this place to become a symbol as a meeting place and to attract attention as a festival place.

None of the other universities has a monument that is integrated with its history and reflects the present. This was a first. I think that our Monument of Belonging will set an example for other universities. I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who contributed to the creation of this work and to our friends who participated in the photography contest.”

After the opening speech, the participation certificate and awards to the photo owners who were ranked and entitled to digital exhibition were presented to our Rector Prof. Dr. It was given by Mehmet Sabri Celik.

The ceremony ended with a group photo shoot after visiting the photographs in the exhibition.

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