The Foundation of 5 Textile Factories That Will Provide Employment to 1,500 People in Bismil Has Been Laid


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Osmanbaba - The Foundation of 5 Textile Factories That Will Provide Employment to 1,500 People in Bismil Has Been Laid

Within the framework of the "Working and Producing Youth Programme" protocol, which was started to be implemented between the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in order to support the personal and social development of young people and ensure their employability, the groundbreaking ceremony of 5 textile factories that will provide employment to 1,500 people in Diyarbakır's Bismil district was held.

Diyarbakır Governor Münir Karaloğlu, AK Party Diyarbakır Deputy Mehmet Mehdi Eker, Ebubekir Bal and Oya Eronat, Bismil District Governor Enver Hakan Zengince, Karacadağ Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Hasan Maral, institution managers and citizens attended.

Governor Karaloğlu, in his speech at the ceremony, said that they are simultaneously working to realize a 57 million project in Bismil, Çermik, Ergani and Tekstil OIZ. Expressing that the total investment cost of the 5 factories of 16,500 square meters, of which they laid the foundation, is 32 million 500 thousand liras, Karaloğlu said: “Our goal is to create job opportunities in Diyarbakır for our young people born in Diyarbakır. Our young people born in Diyarbakır should not have to leave the city of their birth to look for a job. We want them to find jobs, find food and be happy in their own towns and cities. That's all our effort."
Thanking President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ministers and deputies for their support, Karaloğlu said that their work continues at full speed. Expressing that Bismil is the most important agricultural production center of the region and has fertile lands, Karaloğlu emphasized that they have also started working to establish an OIZ in the district, apart from the factories that they will lay the foundations of. Expressing that they aim to transform the agricultural products in Bismil into industry and production with the OIZ to be established, Karaloğlu said: "We will undertake the task of creating an organized zone with the infrastructure investments falling on the state. will do it, provide jobs and food. We are doing the bidding for this place through the Diyarbakır Governor's Office YIKOB Presidency. The owner of the job is YIKOB. That place made the tender. That place is following it. I hope we aim to hand over our factories to our industrialists in the autumn term. May my Lord show us that day as well. "

Stating that they work for the youth of Diyarbakır in every field, Karaloğlu reminded the protocol they signed last year between 17 municipalities, the Metropolitan Municipality, the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Karaloğlu concluded his speech as follows: “We continue to invest in youth and sports in every district of Diyarbakır within the framework of the protocol. Hopefully by the end of the year we will have finished most of them. Our young people in Diyarbakır should have a place to spend their quality time so that someone does not come and abuse them. We are making an effort so that no one abuses the lambs of Diyarbakır and the lambs of the Tigris and misleads them."

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