Irrigation and Solar Power Plants Projects Begin


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Osmanbaba - Irrigation and Solar Power Plants Projects Begin

Şanlıurfa Business World Meeting, organized by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and where the Solar Power Plants and Irrigation Canals Project was introduced, was attended by Minister Dr. It was held with the participation of Nureddin Nebati and ministry bureaucrats.

The meeting, which was held in the hall of a hotel in Şanlıurfa, was attended by the Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati, Governor Abdullah Erin, Şanlıurfa Deputies Zemzem Gülender Açanal, İbrahim Halil Yıldız, Mehmet Ali Cevheri, Halil Özşavlı and Ahmet Akay, Ziraat Bank General Manager Alparslan Çakar and public banks general managers, Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, AK Party Provincial President Abdurrahman Kırıkçı, AK Party MKYK Member Vildan Polat and AK Party Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Müjde Sakar, representatives of non-governmental organizations related to the economy, industrialists and business people attended.

Making statements from Şanlıurfa about the country's economy, Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati gave the good news of projects for energy and irrigation investments that will reduce input costs and increase productivity, especially in agricultural production, at the Şanlıurfa Business World Meeting.
He said that the meeting held in Şanlıurfa is a series of packages that are very comprehensive and will be rewarded in a short time, which concerns neighboring provinces and all of Turkey.

The content of the investment package; Minister Nebati, who divided the main headings of Agricultural Irrigation Investments Cooperation, Use of GES in Agricultural Irrigation and Limit Increase in Treasury Interest Supported Agricultural Loans, gave information about the details of the projects to be implemented.

Making a speech in the program, Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin said that Şanlıurfa has been one of the provinces that received the largest share from the general budget in the last twenty years, and that it has entered a period of development and development. Stating that projects started to be implemented rapidly in Şanlıurfa, which received an investment budget of 2 billion TL in 2022, Governor Erin said that they had to develop agricultural production and agriculture-based industry.

Stating that they have produced projects to develop tourism as well as agriculture in Şanlıurfa, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared 2019 the Year of Göbeklitepe, a great acceleration has been gained in tourism, Governor Erin drew attention to the rapidly developing tourism potential and invited investors to Şanlıurfa.
Governor Erin thanked the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati for his interest in Şanlıurfa and the provinces of the region, and wished the announced projects to be beneficial.

The investment projects announced by the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati in Şanlıurfa are as follows.

Irrigation Investments:
Within the current budget conditions, 253 irrigation projects worth 94 billion TL, which are expected to be completed in 15 years, will be completed in 2 years with the financing of TOKİ and Ziraat Bank. The total cost of the projects that will irrigate 415 thousand hectares of land across the country will be 186 billion TL and will generate 1 million 103 billion TL in the 15th year. Within the scope of irrigation investments, 8 projects with an investment value of 3.5 billion TL to be implemented in Şanlıurfa and 26 thousand hectares of agricultural land will meet with water.

Solar Power Plants (GES)
Projects aiming to save energy and increase efficiency by using solar power plants in agricultural irrigation will be supported. Noting that the electricity consumption in agricultural irrigation in Turkey in 2021 is 13.4 billion kWh, which corresponds to 4% of the total electricity consumption, Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati said that if natural gas or coal is used to produce this energy, the annual cost will be 2 billion dollars.

In order to encourage the installation of SPPs, a 2-year non-refundable, 7-year loan will be provided. In the projects aiming to establish GES, enterprises that will produce solar panels and farmers who will produce electricity in their own fields will be supported. With the investments that foresee 12 percent of the agricultural electricity consumption in Turkey and 48 percent in Şanlıurfa to be met by SPP, the farmer will earn money by selling the excess electricity they produce to the grid. With the two-year budget used to subsidize agricultural electricity consumption, SPP projects will be completed.

Farmers will be able to install GES in the area up to 1 percent of the area to be irrigated.

In order to irrigate 250-300 decares of land, 250 kW of electricity will be produced with the GES, which will be established on 3 decares.

In addition to supporting GES projects for irrigation purposes, grant support for drip and sprinkler irrigation systems will continue.
For the installation of GES in agricultural irrigation, farmers will be provided with a 1-year non-refundable, 8-year-term loan through Ziraat Bank. Zero interest on loans to be used for on-site panel production and 50 percent interest on imported panels will be provided. Farmers who do not want to use loans will benefit from grant support of up to 50 percent for GES projects.

Farmers, irrigation cooperatives and irrigation unions will be able to benefit from these opportunities.

With the newly established SPPs, the share of electricity generation from solar energy will increase from 4 percent to 4.5 percent.

Credit Linetypes
Treasury and Finance Minister Dr. One of the good news Nureddin Nebati gave in Şanlıurfa was about Ziraaat Bank's credit limits for animal, plant and other agricultural productions. Accordingly, Ziraat Bank's credit upper limits to farmers were doubled.

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