Trade Between Turkey and Palestine Will Increase


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Osmanbaba - Trade Between Turkey and Palestine Will Increase
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Speaking at the signing ceremony of the action plan signed at the Palestinian Embassy, ​​KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt said that thanks to the action plan, there will be an increase in the trade volume of the two countries and progress in favor of Palestine.

In his speech, President Kurt stated that they attach great importance to the brotherhood of the peoples of Turkey and Palestine and said, “We have always considered the Palestinian issue as our own topic. We do not see this issue as far from our own troubles and our own joy.”

Always Supporter of the Palestinian Cause

Noting that Turkey will maintain its principled stance on the solution of the Palestinian issue and the implementation of the peace process, as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated, Kurt said, "We will always be a supporter of the Palestinian cause."

The Trade Volume Between the Two Countries Will Increase

Expressing that Turkey is mostly in the position of selling goods to Palestine, Kurt said, "I hope that thanks to this agreement, the mutual trade volume will increase and there will be progress in favor of Palestine."

Experience Sharing

Kurt continued his speech as follows:

We talk about SMEs all the time, but entrepreneurship is also a very important field. KOSGEB has very serious experience in this regard. Along with this action plan, we want to contribute by sharing our experiences with the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the State of Palestine. Recently, human resources have come to the point of great need, especially in the field of technology. Palestine has a young population. I think we need to support this young population. We are ready to do our part in this matter. We want to support the need for our Palestinian youth to be trained in the fields of technology.

He Will Open The Door Widely

Palestinian Ambassador Faed Mustafa expressed his satisfaction for the increasing cooperation and relations between Turkey and Palestine and said, "The document we will sign today will open the door wide".

Palestinian SMEs Turn Their Way To Turkey

Ambassador Mustafa continued his speech as follows:

After our last meeting, there have been some developments in the commercial relations between Turkey and Palestine. Our trade volume is large despite our small economy. Our importers were buying goods from China. Cost increases in transportation have turned the direction of SMEs towards Turkey. After these developments, we expect the trade volume between Turkey and Palestine to double.

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