Diyarbakır Culture will be Carried to the Future with Creative Industries


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Osmanbaba - Diyarbakır Culture will be Carried to the Future with Creative Industries

Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DTSO), with the support of Karacadağ Development Agency, which continues its work under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate, will conduct a feasibility study in order to develop local capacity in the creative culture industries. The contract for the preparation of the Local Capacity Building in Creative Culture Industries Project was signed by Karacadağ Development Agency General Secretary Dr. It was held with the participation of Hasan Maral and DTSO President Mehmet Kaya.
Among the main objectives of the project; To identify local potential and areas for improvement in the creative cultural industries. The feasibility study, which will be prepared on a sample subject, will be carried out in the fields of books and print media, music, theatre, opera, cinema, video, radio and television, photography, software databases, computer games, visual and graphic arts, agencies, museums, cultural and natural heritage. It will shed light on what needs to be done.

The feasibility study to be completed will be an important step towards maturing the creative culture industries ecosystem in Diyarbakır. After the feasibility is completed, on the one hand, studies for its implementation are carried out, on the other hand, the resources, trainings and networking etc. needed by the young people. activities will be carried out. The support structures needed by the youth for the development of the designated culture industry areas will also be determined. In this context, the development potential of initiatives in the field of cultural industries will be evaluated and reported, taking into account the cultural diversity and young population potential of Diyarbakır.

This study will make an important contribution to the development of awareness in the field of creative culture industries that are just developing in the province.

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