KOSGEB Supported Products Will Be Sold on DMO's Techno Catalog Platform


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Osmanbaba - KOSGEB Supported Products Will Be Sold on DMO's Techno Catalog Platform
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With the protocol signed between KOSGEB and DMO, medium-high and high-tech domestic and national products produced with KOSGEB support will also be sold on the Office's Techno Catalog Platform.
Date: 04 November 2021
KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt and DMO General Manager Mücahit Özdemir signed the cooperation protocol at a ceremony held at the KOSGEB building.

Kurt, in his speech here, said that they support SMEs to produce high-tech products and to commercialize them.

Stating that they provided commercialization support to 110 products within the scope of the "SME TechnoInvestment Support Program" this year, Kurt noted that they see these products as values ​​for the development and development of the country.

Noting that DMO has a widespread network and a strong capacity, Kurt stated that it is very important for them to include mid-high and high technology products on DMO's Techno Catalog Platform.

Emphasizing that this situation will spread the idea of ​​R&D and innovation in the SME ecosystem, Kurt stated that SMEs who believe they can enter the catalog of DMO will tend to more R&D.

DMO General Manager Özdemir said that the Office continues its activities as the central purchasing institution of the country.

Pointing out that they have implemented some projects especially to support new entrepreneurs, Özdemir informed that they are planning to offer the opportunities of DMO's electronic sales store to customers in the KOSGEB ecosystem.

There are sectors such as biotechnology, defense, healthcare and nanotechnology

The protocol signed between the two institutions aims to support the commercialization and branding processes of domestic and national products, which emerged as a result of the R&D and technology-based supports given by KOSGEB, to reach the public market and to ensure that domestic and national products are preferred in public procurement. 110 projects supported by KOSGEB, including sectors such as biotechnology, defense, health and nanotechnology, are ready to enter the platform.

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