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Osmanbaba - 'Quicksupport' Presentation to ito members
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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explains and the quick support program to provide 75 thousand genteen employment opportunities, while the new phase is carried out with non-governmental organizations.

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (iTO) is also organized by 'KOSGEB Micro and Small Businesses on the Online Meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors Started with the President of Kosgeb to the meeting starting with the President of Kosgeb, Kosgeb Project Supports Manager Körşad Emre Dunay, Kosgeb's Istanbul Managers, Kosgeb's Istanbul Managers, SME expert and expert assistants with iTo members participated.

Vocational High School Graduate Employment

The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors stated that the support of the program and the employment of the Vocational High School graduates are very important that they have made it very important to the program they made their huffiness to the Program to the Program.

Business capital

KOSGEB Vice President Sahin, the third stage of the fast support program of the fast support program, which is established in affected businesses affected by the pendemen, thanked the contribution to ito in this process. In this new stage, it is not a loan, "Hawk," Hawk, "that is not loan in any way that we will provide this possession of financial opportunities that will provide additional employment. Bank to micro and small businesses is an operating capital in response to the staff of additional receivables without credit assessment. We do not expect credibility and collateral. If you benefit from this support, you will start paying the money in May 2024. " said.

The goal of creating new employment

KOSGEB Project Supports Manager in the online meeting said Dunay, micro and small businesses to the quick support program before the pandem and encompasses the affected business affected by the pandem. Dunay, which keeps these enterprises to maintain their activities, protect their employment and to create new employment creation, "the past period, which protects the average employment of 2021 years and receive new elements to 100 thousand pounds to 100 thousand pounds." he said.

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