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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank laid the foundation of DowAksa's new integrated facility to be established on an area of ​​117 thousand square meters in Yalova. The facility, which will start production at full capacity in 2023 and export to more than 30 countries, will increase Turkey's share in the industrial sectors using carbon fiber. Stating that carbon fiber makes it possible to produce more environmentally friendly products, Minister Varank said, "The world's most economical and best performing carbon fiber is produced in Yalova." said.

Minister Varank laid the foundation of DowAksa Carbon Fiber Composite Material Production Facility in Yalova. Yalova Governor Muammer Erol, Yalova Deputy Meliha Akyol, Yalova Deputy Mayor Mustafa Tutuk, Akkök Holding Chairman Raif Ali Dinçkök, Akkök Holding Chairman of the Executive Board and Deputy Chairman of DowAksa Ahmet Dorc, and DowAksa Chief Executive Officer Douglas Parks also attended the ceremony.

Stating that his efforts to make Turkey a global production base have paid off, Varank said in his speech:


PRODUCTION CAPACITY: With the new investment that we will lay the foundation of, the company will increase its production capacity by 2 and a half times and carry the added value it provides to our country much higher. I would like to express my gratitude to our entrepreneurs who continue their investments in spite of the epidemic, wars and all the uncertainties in the world. As for this investment, I hope that it will be completed quickly as an investment that we will point out to all entrepreneurs who are considering investing in Turkey.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: One of the main sources from which today's game-changing technologies are fed is advances in materials science. Sectoral needs and expectations have changed over the years. For example, while the material was expected to be light but resistant to impacts in one sector, the need for a new thermally insulating and electrically conductive material arose in another sector. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to be able to develop high-tech materials that can offer different functional properties together in line with the needs.

HIGH ADDED VALUE: As the composite industry continues to develop and the advantages offered by these special materials increase, new areas of use will emerge in different sectors. Carbon fiber is one of the products with very high added value that material science brings to the world. With the features it exhibits, it is preferred more and more by different sectors every day.

WIDE APPLICATION: We are talking about an extremely strategic material with a wide range of uses in the aviation, space, defense, construction, automotive and renewable energy sectors. It is used in many areas, from the spacecraft designed by SpaceX to go to Mars, to the rackets used by tennis players in Wimbledon, from submarines to rockets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS: You all follow the climate change and the developments in the EU closely. The European Green Deal will lead to radical changes in all sectors, especially in industries such as transport, energy, construction, iron and steel, cement and chemicals. It is very difficult to achieve environmentally friendly emission and fuel consumption values ​​with standard materials such as steel and aluminum. In this respect, carbon fiber makes it possible to produce more environmentally friendly products with its advantages.

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD: DowAksa is a company that has succeeded in developing this extraordinary material with its team of Turkish engineers in a short time and producing it at international standards. Moreover, the world's most economical and best performing carbon fiber is produced here in Yalova. The carbon fiber industry is growing at an average of ten to fifteen percent each year. The demand, which was 118 thousand tons last year, is expected to reach 400 thousand tons in 2030.

GLOBAL SUPPLIER: Our company, which undersigned this visionary investment in 2012 by anticipating this demand in the market, quickly received its reward. Today, it has become one of the world's leading global suppliers in the carbon fiber and composite industry with its product range, engineering solutions and know-how. Behind this success of DowAksa, of course, lies the knowledge and experience of Aksa, the world leader in acrylic fiber, and Dow, a pioneer in materials science.

EXPORT TO MORE THAN 30 COUNTRIES: The fact that we are able to produce carbon fiber with our own resources, without being dependent on the production license of a foreign company, is extremely proud for our country. Our company's R&D studies, innovative production technology and competitive advantages of its products are so good that it exports its domestically produced products to more than 30 countries.

COMPETITIVENESS: Of course, DowAksa's achievements did not come by itself. We must state that our R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which we have built from scratch in 19 years, has a great share in the success achieved here. With our innovative policies, we support the R&D, design, investment and production activities of our enterprises and increase the added value of goods and services and competitiveness.we increase.

INVESTOR FRIENDLY: We support the projects of our companies and entrepreneurs through TÜBİTAK, our Development Agencies and KOSGEB. As the Ministry, we are always with the industry with the investor-friendly business environment we have established. In this direction, we, as the Ministry, have stood by DowAksa with our different supports since the day it was founded.

PROJECT-BASED INCENTIVE: This new investment, for which we laid the foundation of DowAksa, is one of the best examples among the projects we support within the scope of project-based incentives. The factory has filled its current production capacity. With this investment, which lasts for years, the established production capacity will increase two and a half times, and it will create new employment opportunities for 500 people. These investments will make Turkey one of the biggest players in the carbon fiber and composite industry in the world.

NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: It is very important that we are able to develop and produce materials with advanced technology and high added value. We will be able to meet our own needs in the fields of e-mobility, space, defense industry and renewable energy, which are at the top of Turkey's national technology agenda.

DowAksa Deputy Chairman of the Board Ahmet Dört said, “This investment will not only provide value-added exports and employment opportunities, but will also support our country's self-efficacy in strategic sectors. We will continue to invest in developing innovative composite solutions with our high-performance carbon fibers and meeting the rapidly rising demands of our business partners both locally and globally.” said.

DowAksa Chief Executive Officer Douglas Parks stated that thanks to their R&D capabilities, they have the opportunity to produce a special composite profile that provides larger wind blades and higher energy efficiency.

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