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Osmanbaba - Business Evaluation Report Letter to Exporter SMEs
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In the letter sent by e-mail, it was stated that they can obtain the Business Evaluation Report, which is specially presented to businesses, free of charge, and it was noted that the report, which also has an English version, can be downloaded by the company official via e-Government.

The letter of KOSGEB President Kurt, which started with the address "Our Valuable Exporter", is as follows:

46 Separate Titles

We have prepared the "Business Evaluation Report (IDR)" specially for you so that you can use it as a reference document in your international business contacts. In the report, you can see the rank of your company in exports in your sector and region, the position of your company in terms of exports over the years, and the evaluation of your business under 46 different headings.

Administrative Records

You can create an atmosphere of trust in your business contacts by sharing the English version of the IDR, which was prepared completely objectively by our Presidency, using administrative records, with your customers. Your customers can confirm the authenticity of the report by using the data matrix of the report.

Free via e-Government

All you need to do to get your report quickly via e-government without paying any fee is your company representative; Making an application via the link Come on, apply now and download your report like thousands of our other exporting businesses.

What's in the Report?

The Business Evaluation Report, which aims to enable businesses to see their weaknesses and strengths, uses data from the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Trade, the Social Security Institution, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and the Revenue Administration. In the report, there are detailed financial analyzes on many topics, including the scale of the enterprise, the ranking according to the number of employees and financial criteria, the human resource structure, the situation in R&D, innovation, branding and efficiency, target markets and market share for exporting or non-exporting enterprises.

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