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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the machinery sector is in a key position in the manufacturing industry and said, “The sector, which operates with 18 thousand 300 companies, became one of the sectors with the highest export in 2021 with its performance exceeding 23 billion dollars. We foresee this figure to reach 27 billion dollars in 2022,” he said.

Minister Varank spoke at the Machinery Summit organized by the Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED). Noting that green and digital transformation issues, which are critical for the machinery industry, were discussed at the summit, Varank said:

ONE OF THE MOST EXPORTING SECTORS: The machinery sector, which has a wide range of products, is in a key position in our manufacturing industry. The sector, which operates with 18 thousand 300 companies, became one of the sectors with the highest export in 2021 with its performance exceeding 23 billion dollars. We expect this figure to reach 27 billion dollars in 2022.

THE LOCOMOTIVE OF REAL ECONOMY: It directly affects important sectors such as food, textile, furniture, automotive, agriculture, construction, transportation, chemistry, aerospace and defense industry. From this point of view, it would not be wrong to say that the machinery sector is the locomotive of the real economy.

PRIORITY SECTOR: Considering its high-tech structure, positive developments in the machinery sector have the potential to have a revolutionary impact on the economy. For this reason, we have identified machinery as one of the priority sectors in our industrial strategy. We are in a great leap forward for the production of the critical products we import in Turkey.

CALL FOR THE MACHINERY INDUSTRY: In this context, we started the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program with the machinery sector. Within the scope of the machinery sector call, we announced a 2 billion lira support decision for 20 projects. All of these projects aim to produce strategically important products in Turkey.

DOMESTIC AND NATIONAL: Many imported products such as servo motors and CNC benches are now produced with domestic and national means. Again, the call for Structural Transformation in Production, another pillar of the move program, was a call to which our companies in the machinery sector showed great interest.

GOOD NEWS: Let's give good news while the sector representatives are here. We will announce the evaluation results of the Call for Structural Transformation in Production of the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program tomorrow.

50 THOUSAND NEW EMPLOYMENTS: On the other hand, 6 of our OIZs, which are the backbone of our industry, serve as Machinery Specialization Organized Industrial Zone. When all the parcels in these regions, which are the centers of investment and production, are put into production, new employment opportunities will be created for approximately 50 thousand people.

5 THOUSAND INCENTIVES: Since 2012, we have issued more than 5 thousand investment incentive certificates for machinery manufacturing. In this way, we offer very attractive advantages to investors. Of course, we are aware that besides investments, the culture of innovation is an important factor for the development of the machinery industry.

GREEN TRANSFORMATION: One of the issues that will determine the competitiveness of both the machinery sector and the entire industry in the coming period is green transformation. In terms of development, economic growth alone is no longer sufficient. Sustainability and respect for the environment in this growth is an important criterion in terms of development. Studies on green and digital transformation will make great contributions to the sector and will carry our competitiveness to a much higher point in the coming period.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Mustafa Gültepe stated that environmentalist investments are extremely important in this period when Turkey is rising with new investments and focusing on production and exports, and said, "Green machinery will be one of the strengths of Turkey, which is rising with production and exports." said.

Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey, said that green machines are now being talked about and that the production, consumption and usage patterns should be changed. Recalling that the European Green Deal was announced in 2019, Meyer-Landrut said that this is the new economic growth strategy adopted by the European Union in response to climate change challenges.

Adnan Dalgakıran, Chairman of MAKFED Board of Directors, said, "When we talk about machinery, we are not actually talking about a sector. We are talking about a country's production capability, that is, its competitiveness." he said.

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