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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated 16 projects with a total investment of 30 million TL, which were implemented in Ordu with the support of the Eastern Black Sea Project Regional Development Administration (DOKAP) and the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA). Varank said, “These projects, each more valuable than the other, will strengthen the economy of Ordu by serving the producers, tourism professionals, women and youth of your city.”

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Varank stated that the industry and trade of the Army continue to develop by putting it on with each passing year, and said:

REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH: We consolidated it with city hospitals, universities, residences and OIZs that we brought all over our country. The list is so long that even if you just list their names, it would be volumes. Thanks to these investments, we have made revolutionary breakthroughs in many fields from education to health, from transportation to urbanization, from industry to technology.


We have survived the age: Under the leadership of our President, we have almost passed an era for our country by fitting a hundred years of work into twenty years. Despite all the internal and external interventions and all obstacles; We have come to these days with record increases in production, employment, exports and national income. Now we continue on our way with the same determination.


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Of course, while recording these developments, we also ensure that all our cities benefit from this growth and progress to the maximum extent possible. With the regional development policies carried out under the auspices of our Ministry, we undertake works that will activate the potential of our cities and increase their competitiveness. We implement comprehensive support programs and develop effective projects in all of our 81 provinces.


MORE THAN 24 THOUSAND PROJECTS: Look, we have provided more than TL 15 billion in support to more than 24 thousand projects from the public, civil society and private sectors through our 26 development agencies. Similarly, we have implemented nearly 6,000 projects of public institutions, local administrations and universities with our 4 Regional Development Administrations.


IMPORTANT SUPPORT: As you know, Ordu is within the scope of our Eastern Black Sea Development Agency and DOKAP Regional Development Administration. Both of our institutions have provided and will continue to provide very important support in line with the needs and priorities of our province since the day they were founded.


16 PROJECTS, INVESTMENT OF 30 MILLION TL: We are officially opening 16 projects that have been realized with the support of these institutions. The investment amount of the projects is close to 30 million TL. From the feed production facility to the cold storage… From the egg production packaging facility to the production of local products by women… We have brought projects that concern many fields, from greenhouse cultivation to gastronomy and alternative tourism.


WILL STRENGTHEN THE ECONOMY OF THE ARMY: These projects, each more valuable than the other, will add strength to the economy of Ordu by serving the producers, tourism professionals, women and youth of your city. In advance, I wish all projects to be beneficial for our country and our army. I would like to express my gratitude to all our institutions that contributed to the completion and realization of these beautiful works. I congratulate our Eastern Black Sea Development Agency and DOKAP Regional Development Administration for the financial and technical support they have provided to the projects.


GOOD NEWS: We are developing new projects that will contribute to the development of Ordu. On this occasion, I would like to share the good news with you. We started to evaluate the projects for the year 2022 submitted to the Social Development Support Program. We also found 3 projects in Ordu with budgets exceeding 6 million liras to be successful. We will support these projects from SOGEP this year.


PROFESSIONAL TALENT: “Think Universally, Cook Locally” project of Gölköy Municipality… “Young Saplings” project of Ünye Municipality… And “Taste of the Past in the Hands of Future” project of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality are the projects we will support this year. With these projects, we will provide the youth and women of our province with important professional skills and facilitate their employment.


11 NEW PROJECT: Our DOKAP administration continues its investments for the development of our city without interruption. We have recently signed the contracts for the projects that our administration will support in 2022. This year, we will bring 11 new projects with a total budget of more than 11 million TL to our province. We will accelerate the development of our city with these new projects coming from the Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Ünye Municipality, Kabadüz and Persembe District Directorate of National Education.


On the other hand, before coming here, we visited our Ünye and Fatsa OIZs first thing in the morning. Infrastructure works and factory installations in Ünye OSB continue at full speed. We provided Ünye OSB with a loan of approximately 35 million liras with current figures. You know, we included Fatsa OSB as a new project in the 2022 investment program. The expropriation request of this place was conveyed to our Ministry.


POSITIVE ASSESSMENTWE ARE LOOKING: We consider this request positively. We asked for additional resources from the additional budget for the expropriation procedures, we will make the payment as soon as the appropriation comes. Hopefully, we will complete this place quickly and put it at the disposal of our investors and move the industry of our city to a much more advanced point.

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