Minister Varank: Development Agencies Provided 15 Billion TL Support to 24 Thousand Projects


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Osmanbaba - Minister Varank: Development Agencies Provided 15 Billion TL Support to 24 Thousand Projects

Development Agencies Evaluation Meeting was held at the Presidential Complex National Library with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu. Representing our Agency at the meeting, our Agency Chairman of the Board of Directors and Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Diyarbakır Governor Münir Karaloğlu, members of the Board of Directors Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President İ. Halil Peltek, our Agency Secretary General, Dr. Hasan Maral and Agency unit heads attended.
Speaking at the meeting, Minister Varank stated that the agencies have provided more than 15 billion liras in support to more than 24 thousand development-oriented projects from the public, civil society and private sectors. Noting that they have determined 2022 and 2023 as the focus areas for the agencies on youth employment, Varank said, "We are planning to employ 100 thousand young people in this period, only through our agencies." said.

Explaining that they have determined the regional development approach as one of their main policy areas, Varank said: We have two priorities when applying this understanding of regional development, which is an integral part of our national development process. On the one hand, we want to increase the contribution of all our provinces, districts and regions to the national economy by improving their competitiveness. On the other hand, we aim to build a developed Turkey by reducing the development differences between regions.

Joint Business Platform: The main actor in this business is the Development Agencies, which are at the service of you, our esteemed local stakeholders, rather than us. It would not be wrong if we define the agencies as a platform for doing business, since they bring together all the stakeholders in their regions with the management and in some places the advisory boards.

Institutional Memory of the Local: We can say that they almost form the institutional memory of the local with their planner and analyst roles. With the financial and technical support they provide, they are the patrons of investors and entrepreneurs in their region. Thanks to these features, agencies became the pioneers of innovative studies and practices in many subjects in a short time.

Road Map: For the first time in our country, regional plans, which are a development road map for regions, were prepared by our agencies. Thousands of quality analysis and strategy studies on different sectors and themes for each region were again put forward by the agencies.

Effective Promotion: Agencies that bring together public institutions, universities, the private sector and civil society have also contributed to the development of numerous national and international collaborations. They identified the investment opportunities of their regions and effectively promoted them on national and international platforms. They provided comprehensive financial and technical support within the framework of the priorities determined in the regional plans.

Economic Breakthrough: Within the framework of this meeting, we will both review our past practices and discuss what the vision of the agencies should be in the upcoming period. As a country, we are in a new economic breakthrough that focuses on investment, production, export and employment. It is obvious that the agencies, which are the leading institutions of their regions, have important duties in this process. Today, we will talk about how we can increase the contributions of the agencies in the new period.

Support Over 15 Billion TL: Agencies until today; It has provided more than 15 billion TL support to more than 24 thousand development-oriented projects from the public, civil society and private sectors. With these supports, they took the initiative to increase the production and export capacities of their regions. In parallel with the technological development and digitalization processes, they have improved the business skills of our people, thus enabling them to participate more actively in economic and social life.

Government Supports in One Platform: They broke new ground in this field by combining all government supports under the roof of ​​platform and putting them at the disposal of the investors. They prepared Pre-Feasibility Reports for investment opportunities that will accelerate the economic development of the provinces and made them available to investors through this platform. Many investors evaluated these pre-feasibility reports and started their investment processes.

Cooperation with Ministries: We have implemented important projects and activities that we have carried out with different Ministries in the last three years, through our development agencies. We have carried out effective works with many ministries, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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