Production and Industry Will Form the Basic Perspective of KGF


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Osmanbaba - Production and Industry Will Form the Basic Perspective of KGF
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KOSGEB President and Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) Vice President Hasan Basri Kurt emphasized that KGF will continue to strongly support SMEs, exporters and producing people and said, "Production and industry will form the basic perspective of KGF." said.

Information Seminar

Export, Investment and Operational Expenditures Support packages were activated by the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF). "KGF New Support Packages Information Seminar" was organized by Adana Chamber of Industry to promote these support packages. In addition to KOSGEB Chairman Kurt, Adana Chamber of Industry Chairman Zeki Kıvanç, Adana Chamber of Commerce Chairman Atila Menevşe and KGF Eastern Mediterranean Regional Manager Adana Celal Altuntaş attended the program.

Strong Structures

Speaking at the meeting, KOSGEB President Kurt said that companies such as TOBB, Banks Association and KOSGEB, with their strong structures, are in need of credit guarantee in Turkey, and that companies that contribute to Turkey's industry with their growth potential are carrying out various studies to eliminate the mortgage problems.

15 Billion TL Bail

Kurt, who is also the Vice President of KGF, said, “As KGF, we can create direct guarantees of approximately 15 billion TL per year with our own resources. Treasury supply is much higher on bail. Especially after the 15th of July process, this figure reached its peak during the crisis experienced in the banking system in Turkey. It found a loan volume of more than 700 million, with a surety of 600 million TL. Almost half of SME loans in this period were given with KGF guarantee.” said.

Equity Need

Emphasizing that SMEs and industrialists have much different expectations from KGF at the current stage, Kurt said, “The volume of use of commercial loans in Turkey has increased tremendously. All the equity needs of our employers can be met with a simple system. As KOSGEB and KGF, we hold ourselves accountable to develop new instruments related to this.” he said.

We Will Take on the Role of Akif

Emphasizing that KGF will strongly support SMEs, exporters and producing people, Kurt said, “Production and industry will form the basic perspective of KGF. In the next period, we will see a KGF in more industries, manufacturing and SMEs. Recently, the Export Promotion Fund was established under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce. As KOSGEB, we will take an active role in explaining these packages to SMEs.” said.

New Programs

Explaining that they are also carrying out new studies as KOSGEB, Kurt said, "We will have new programs that will increase the digitalization level of SMEs and increase the efficiency of SMEs, especially energy efficiency." he said.

Adana Program

Kurt also visited KOSGEB Adana Provincial Directorate as part of the Adana program. He examined Adana Organized Industrial Zone and Kaykaç Makine, Bacaksızlar Makine and Esen Kardeşler Makine.

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