Minister Muş Awarded Conservation Officers Who Succeed in Drug Seizures


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Osmanbaba - Minister Muş Awarded Conservation Officers Who Succeed in Drug Seizures

Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş stated that the investments they made and the struggles of the teams in the field bore fruit, "We have seized 12,1 tons of narcotic drugs and 5.1 tons of precursors used in drug production since the beginning of the year." said.

Minister Muş presented the certificates to the guards, who were successful in the captagon operation in Istanbul and heroin seizures at the Esendere Border Gate, at a ceremony held at the Customs Enforcement Command Center. In his speech at the ceremony, Muş said that they had an intense and productive year both nationally and internationally with the anti-smuggling activities carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams. Emphasizing that on the one hand, they are working for export-based, permanent and stable growth, on the other hand, they continue their stable struggle against illegal trade without slowing the pace of legal trade, Muş said:

"In order to strengthen our country's place in global trade, our Ministry acts with the principle of completing customs controls effectively and quickly, without physical intervention, by integrating today's technology into our anti-smuggling activities. In this context, vehicle and container scanning systems that can be produced by a limited number of countries in the world, together with the Presidency of Defense Industries. We produced our first National Scanning System (MILTAR) in Alsancak Port. We continue to work on the mass production of the system. Simultaneous examination of the images of the vehicles scanned with the vehicle and container scanning systems at our customs gates, from the center, and We are implementing the Scanning Network Project with TÜBİTAK in order to detect the type of contraband with artificial intelligence."


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