The founding declaration of the Turkey-Hungary Joint Economic and Trade Committee was signed


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Osmanbaba - The founding declaration of the Turkey-Hungary Joint Economic and Trade Committee was signed

Minister Muş met with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Peter Szijjarto at the Ministry of Commerce as part of the Turkey-Hungary JETCO Programme.

After signing the JETCO Founder's Declaration at the ceremony, the two ministers made an assessment to the members of the press.

Stating that they signed the declaration establishing the JETCO mechanism between Turkey and Hungary, Muş said that the friendly relations of the two countries dating back centuries have gained a strategic character in recent years.

Stating that the two countries are in close cooperation to protect each other's interests both in international platforms and in regional platforms such as the European Union and the Organization of Turkish States, Muş continued as follows:

"There is a very sincere and strong dialogue between our heads of state and us. We will celebrate 2024 as the Year of Culture of Turkey-Hungary, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the entry into force of the friendship agreement between our countries. As a manifestation of these strong relations, we will do our best to develop commercial relations between the two countries. We are making and will continue to make every effort. Hungary, which is at the forefront of cultural and economic development among Central European countries, and especially in the heart of Europe in terms of logistics, is an important trade partner for our country."

- "We foresee investments in Hungary to exceed 3 billion dollars"

Pointing out that Hungary is also a country that has achieved significant economic developments in recent years, Muş said:

"Our trade volume, which was only 356 million dollars in 2001, has exceeded 3 billion dollars by the end of 2021. Our duty is to increase our bilateral trade volume to 6 billion dollars in line with the target set by our President and Prime Minister. Investments made through third countries are also Taking this into account, our country has an investment of 700 million dollars in Hungary. We anticipate this figure to exceed 3 billion dollars with the investments currently underway and planned for the coming period."

Stating that investments from Hungary to Turkey have gained momentum recently, Muş said, "I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my belief that our Hungarian friends will make valuable contributions to our bilateral relations with important projects in our country in the coming period." said.

Stating that they discussed the issues related to the development of bilateral commercial and economic relations in detail during their meeting with Minister Szijjarto, Muş said, "With the JETCO Founding Declaration signed here today, we have created a solid foundation for establishing new cooperations by creating the opportunity to work more closely and in detail on our bilateral commercial relations. I sincerely believe that the projects we will implement in the coming period will contribute significantly to the welfare of our countries." used the phrases.

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