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Osmanbaba - Giant investment worth 16 million  liras

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that Northtech, which was established with an investment of 16 million liras, prevented an import of 160 million euros, and said, "First of all, our company, which is trying to prevent imports, will soon turn to exports." said.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the Northtech Advanced Technology Factory in Yozgat, Minister Varank thanked the entrepreneurs who continued their investments despite the epidemic, wars and uncertainties in the world. Pointing out that Yozgat has made great strides especially in the industry in the last period, Varank said that the number of OIZs in the province has increased to 4 with the investments in the last 19 years, over 3 thousand people are employed in the parcels that started production in the OIZs, and this figure will increase to 9 thousand with the start of production in all parcels. Mentioning the support they gave to OIZs as the Ministry, Varank stated that there are great advantages for entrepreneurs in these regions.


Emphasizing that if the investment is made in the OIZ in Yozgat, which is located in the 5th region, the 6th region incentives are utilized, Varank called upon the entrepreneurs to invest in these areas. Expressing that Northtech Elektronik is one of the companies that took advantage of this opportunity, Varank reminded that the foundation of the facility was laid by Vice President Fuat Oktay.


Providing information about the investment, Varank said, "This factory, which was established with an investment of 16 million liras, provides employment for 80 people. Thanks to this innovative production facility, high-tech products such as signaling systems, electromechanical systems, smart traffic systems, passenger information systems and medical devices are produced in Yozgat. Northtech has been producing railway signaling equipment since its establishment and has enabled the production of approximately 160 million Euros of products that we previously imported from abroad, in Turkey. Therefore, it has prevented the foreign exchange from passing abroad. First of all, our company, which tries to prevent imports, will soon turn to exports. Thus, the current account It will contribute to the balance.” he said.


Varank drew attention to the importance of the "National Technology Move" with developments such as the epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine War, as well as the embargoes applied to Turkey before. Noting that they have taken serious steps within the scope of this vision, Varank said, "We have made significant progress in industry and technology infrastructure in recent years. The number of our OIZs and the number of parcels in production are constantly increasing. The number of state-supported R&D centers and technopolises is increasing. We are increasing our investments in qualified human resources at full speed. We continue to do so. The number of universities in our country, which was once only 76, has increased to over 200." said.


Varank reminded that they have been training the experts of the future technologies with Experiment Technology Workshops, new generation software schools and many other initiatives, and that they have accelerated dynamic and flexible steps in terms of regulations due to the rapid transformation in technology. Emphasizing that they act proactively to exist in all areas such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, Varank expressed that they are with the investors with generous incentives.


Stating that as the state, they will continue to do their best for the business world, Varank said, "Textile, food, agriculture, of course, have a place on our heads. However, we need to add more high value-added areas to these, because the real development of a country and the high welfare of its citizens pass through here. "Moreover, when we look at political independence, the priority is again technological independence. It is not possible to achieve full independence without being technologically independent. In this sense, our private sector companies need to pay more attention to areas such as software, electronics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and digital technologies. We expect our entrepreneurs to invest more in these areas." used the phrases.


Talking about the "Technology Oriented Industry Move Program" that they have put into use in this context, Varank said that they support the investors from end to end, from idea to product. Underlining that they want to bring Turkey to the top with all its cities, Varank said, "We don't just say Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli, Bursa. We value each of our provinces separately. We continue to invest in Yozgat. We provided support of approximately 112 million liras to the project. Again with our KOP Regional Development Administration, approximately 170 million liras of resources were transferred to 198 projects." he said.

Celal Aral, Chairman of Northtech's Board of Directors, also made a speech at the ceremony. After the speeches, Varank and his entourage cut the ribbon and opened the facility. Minister Varank then examined the technologies produced in the factory.

Yozgat Governor ZiyaPolat, AK Party Yozgat Deputy Yusuf Başer, MHP Yozgat Deputy İbrahim Ethem Sedef, Yozgat Mayor Celal Köse and guests attended.

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