Trade Minister Mehmet Muş addressed the Hungarian ambassadors


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Osmanbaba - Trade Minister Mehmet Muş addressed the Hungarian ambassadors

Minister Muş, who was in Hungary as part of his official visit, made a speech to the Hungarian ambassadors at the Ambassadors Conference held at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Stating that the relations between Turkey and Hungary continue to strengthen in all areas, Muş noted that the joint cooperation between the two countries continues in many fields.

Muş stated that Turkey attaches great importance to bilateral trade with Hungary, that they are working to increase the trade volume between the two countries to 6 billion dollars, and that the indicators indicate that this target will be achieved in a short time.

Muş said, "In 2021, our bilateral trade volume increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year and reached the level of 3 billion dollars. Our country's investments in Hungary reached 750 million dollars. Turkish contractors have implemented approximately 780 million dollars of projects in Hungary so far. they've had." he said.

Pointing out that Turkey and Hungary can cooperate in third countries as a result of the joint venture, Minister Muş said, "Turkey-Africa relations have gained momentum in the last 20 years with the African initiative and our African Partnership policies. The most concrete example of our developing relations with Africa is rapidly with the win-win principle. We've had increased trade." said.

Noting that he will attend the Turkey-Hungary 3rd Go Africa Business Forum, which will be held in Budapest today, Muş said that joint projects of Turkish and Hungarian business people have been implemented in Africa thanks to the support of both Turkish and Hungarian eximbanks.

Muş said, "Turkey and Hungary have special relations. Hungary was among the first states to recognize the Republic of Turkey, and the friendship agreement between the two countries was signed on December 18, 1923, just 7 weeks after the proclamation of the Republic." he said.

Minister Muş emphasized that Turkey attaches great importance to cooperation and solidarity in regional and international platforms, especially with Hungary, the European Union (EU), the World Trade Organization and the Organization of Turkic States.

Stating that the relations between the two countries in the field of education started with the establishment of the Turcology department at ELTE University in Budapest in 1870, and that these relations continue to strengthen today, Muş said that nearly a thousand Turkish students are still studying at Hungarian universities.

Stating that keeping the perspective of accession to Turkey open would be the best geopolitical investment for the EU, Muş stated that the customs union between Turkey and the EU should be updated as soon as possible.

Minister Muş stated that Hungary's principled support for Turkey's EU membership process is very important.

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, Muş drew attention to the importance of solving the Russia-Ukraine war through diplomatic means as soon as possible, since no war will have a winner.

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