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Osmanbaba - Classroom Teaching Symposium Held in Our Education Faculty
HARRAN UNIVERSITY - Osmanbaba news

The 19th International Classroom Teaching symposium was held in cooperation with our Faculty of Education and the Association of Classroom Teacher Educators.

Many scientists and academics from Turkey and abroad, as well as teachers working in public and private schools, participated in the symposium, which was held online through the zoom program with the slogan "The First Button in Education: Primary School".

In the symposium, which started with the opening speech, a total of 285 papers were presented by 700 researchers in 11 sessions and 73 halls. In addition, 5 panels, 7 conferences and 10 workshops on different subjects were held within the scope of the symposium.

Turkish Language Teaching, Life Studies Teaching, Mathematics Teaching, Social Studies Teaching, Multigrade Classroom Teaching, Transport Education, Religious Culture and Moral Education Teaching, Primary Reading and Writing Teaching, Science and Technology Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching in Primary School, Physical Education and Game Teaching in the Symposium , Special Education and Inclusive Education, Classroom Management, Educational Management, Assessment and Evaluation, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Pre-School Education and School Preparation, Teacher Training and Employment, Visual Arts Education, Music Education, Drama in Basic Education, Immigrant Children and Literacy Research and current application examples based on the disciplines of Education, Program Development in Preschool and Primary School, Distance Education Applications in Basic Education and School, Family and Community Cooperation in Basic Education were presented. Research presented in many different disciplines focused on learning losses in children, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The President of the Classroom Teacher Educators Association, Prof. Dr. In the closing session chaired by Hayati Akyol, our Dean of Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Mahmut Işık, Head of the Department of Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Assoc. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Cigerci, Trabzon University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Taner Altun and Anadolu University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. A general evaluation of the symposium was made by Mehmet Gültekin.

In the evaluation session; The opinions of the participants were taken by drawing attention to issues such as studies that can be done in classroom education departments, researches to be done in classroom teaching, graduate education in classroom teaching, associate professorship in classroom teaching, and in-service training of classroom teachers.

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