Project Launched to Shed Light on the Problems of Seasonal Agricultural Workers


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Osmanbaba - Project Launched to Shed Light on the Problems of Seasonal Agricultural Workers

The preparatory work for the Şanlıurfa Seasonal Agricultural Worker Action Plan 2022-2024, designed by Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin to solve the problems of seasonal agricultural workers, has started.

In the organization of Şanlıurfa Governorship, Harran University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Sociology Department Head Prof. Dr. Under the leadership of Şevket Ökten, the workshop was held in the GAPTEM conference hall to determine the action plan for the solution of seasonal agricultural workers' problems in the light of the research project titled "Examination of the Labor Relations, Living Conditions, Problems and Future Expectations of Seasonal Agricultural Workers Living in Şanlıurfa".

Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of the workshop, Governor Abdullah Erin said that they will continue to lead projects for the solution of social problems, complete the work with the GAP Regional Development Administration, Karacadağ Development Agency and other directorates, and provide all kinds of support to achieve concrete outputs.

Reminding that seasonal agricultural work is associated with problems all over the world, Governor Erin stated that Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey and Şanlıurfa in particular are among the prominent cities in this sense. Governor Erin noted that no concrete determination has been made so far about the number of citizens who went to other provinces with their families for seasonal agricultural work, but due to the necessity of issuing travel permits during the pandemic restrictions, nearly 170,000 people from 26 thousand-odd families were registered in 2020.

Stating that this determination does not give the exact number, but it is a data about the movement, Governor Erin stated that there are families who go to other provinces for seasonal agricultural work and change cities according to the working period, and that difficult living conditions continue in this way.

Noting that they estimate that around 2 million people are affected by seasonal agricultural work only in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, Governor Erin said, “We know that not only children but also women are adversely affected by this movement. We know that they faced great difficulties wherever they went, and that very few of our mothers and sisters finished primary school. There are over 150 million child workers in the world. We also know that a significant portion of these children are seasonal agricultural workers. Almost one in ten children work in these jobs that we can call dangerous.” He drew attention to the difficulties experienced by seasonal agricultural worker families.

Stating that the solution to the problem is multi-actor and multi-dimensional, Governor Erin said, "The determinations we will make here will be a study that will serve as a basis for the central institutions, ministries and related institutions in Ankara and will enable them to see their future." said.

Contributing to the preparation and reporting of the research project, Prof. Dr. Congratulating all those who contributed, especially Şevket Ökten, Governor Erin wished that the action plan to be determined would be beneficial.

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