KOSGEB Supports Innovation, Regional Development and Entrepreneurship with Venture Capital Funds


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Osmanbaba - KOSGEB Supports Innovation, Regional Development and Entrepreneurship with Venture Capital Funds
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We participate in venture capital funds in order to enable technology-focused startups to access the resources they need in order to realize their innovative ideas and projects and to achieve a sustainable structure by scaling.

In this context, KOSGEB participated by transferring resources to the "Information Valley Venture Capital Investment Fund" and the "Regional Development" and "Technology and Innovation" funds, which are sub-funds of the Turkey Development Fund.

Informatics Valley Venture Capital Investment Fund

It is a venture capital investment fund that aims to invest in startups at all stages starting from the early stage. The fund aims to invest in technology-based companies in the field of "Civil Technologies" such as information and communication technologies, games, finance, cyber security, mobility, agriculture, health, energy, which have achieved product and market harmony, have established target markets and are ready for high growth.

The fund, which became operational in 2021, covers cyber security, agricultural technologies, robotic process automation, image processing, cloud technologies and insurance technologies, etc. in a one-year period. It has invested in entrepreneurs and businesses operating in the fields.

Regional Development Fund

The Regional Development Fund, of which the Ministry of Industry and Technology is the main investor, was established as a sub-fund of the Turkish Development Fund in order to support regional development, which is one of the important tools of Turkey's development.

With the aim of reaching every region of our country, the Regional Development Fund has placed priority areas for reducing the export/current deficit and creating regional employment in strategic sectors with priority in development. With the capital and management expertise support to be provided by the said investments, it is planned to assist the companies in which the investments are made in realizing their growth targets.

Technology and Innovation Fund

The Technology and Innovation Fund, a sub-fund of the Development Fund of Turkey, will make indirect investments through direct investment and venture capital funds in technology-focused new generation startups that have reached certain milestones.



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