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Sworn translation service: (speed-accuracy-save of time and place)
Sworn translation is one of the main sections of Osmanbaba website, where we translate all documents into (Turkish, Arabic, English, French) languages.
It is then approved by government authoroties.
Osmanbaba has a highly experienced translation team and is certified by the Turkish government.
The sworn translation service is related to the Notary.
The Notary in Turkey is a subsidiary government department, concerned with the ratification of official papers, to confirm that the seals and signatures on the paper are original, and therefore any document after its ratification in the Notary becomes an official document.
What is the importance of notary in Turkey?
The mission of the notary in Turkey is related to the work of courts and other government departments, and although it is not a basic government institution, it is very important for documenting documents and giving them legal value. In Turkey Notary's importance lies in:
- Give the legal and official character of any document that is stamped in the Notary
- Facilitate the use by foreigners in Turkey of their documents issued from outside Turkey after ratification
- Guarantee the rights of the signatories to the undertakings and partnership contracts
- Facilitate the follow-up of foreign students studying in Turkey after certifying their certificates
- Facilitate many things such as registration of marriage contracts or birth certificates and other family documents
- Facilitate the power of attorney for foreigners to their relatives or trusted persons to manage their affairs within Turkey in general or private
- Facilitate foreigners to obtain a document proving their residence address to obtain or renew residence in Turkey.
- Facilitate the invitation of foreigners within Turkey to their relatives to visit Turkey and reunion transactions.
Noter cost in Turkey
Noter charges different fees depending on the type of document and the number of translated words if the document is in a language other than Turkish. However, given that the Notary in Turkey is not a basic governmental institution, you may find many differences in terms of the cost of attesting a document in the Notary’s office from one state to another, and even in the same state from one region to another.

Office hours in Turkey
In normal working hours:
All days of the week except Saturday and Sunday
Noter operates regularly from 9 am to 5 pm.

Our website provides the Apostille certification service, which is the document certification system that ensures the authenticity of the document and its legal use in another country. It is like ratification by the Ministry of foreign affairs. The papers become certified in the country to which the documents are sent.

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